What are the systems in the human body, how many systems are in the

human body? These 2 questions are very famous and we can say in simple

way to you how many systems and what the major human systems are in the

human body.

All the body systems- all systems of the body:

In this we will list you all what you can know and then we will show the details

for you congaing systems, organs and special elements

List of body systems- list of organs in the body:

- Digestive

- Endocrine

- Circulatory

- Respiratory

- Reproductive

- Skeletal

- Lymphatic

- Urinary

- Muscular

- Head and neck

- Upper limbs

- Lower limbs

- Abdomen

- Chest (ribs, lungs)

- Cardiovascular

- Skeleton

- Genital area

- Brain

- Nerves

- Eyes

- Ear

- Mouth

- Tongue

- Jaw

- Nose

- Glands

- Lungs

- Heart

- Larynx

- Stomach

- Small intestine

- Large intestine

- Duodenum

- Liver

- Urinary bladder

- Rectum

- Urethra

- Genital

- Kidneys

Some people may said there are 4 and 5 system and other said 8 and 9

But it is according to the classification and you can sum all of that by:

9 human body systems:

This is the most acceptable one

1- Digestive System

2- Endocrine System

3- Circulatory System

4- Respiratory System

5- Reproductive System

6- Skeletal System

7- Lymphatic System

8- Urinary System

9- Muscular System

Some used to said

10 human body systems:

By adding nephrology system (related to kidneys) and make urinary system

is just for urinary bladder and other and some used to said

11 human body systems:

By adding the blood system to the list and some used to say

12 systems of the human body:

By adding tissue system to the list and some make major and main systems of

the human body

5 systems of the human body-major systems of body:

1- Digestive system

2- Cardiovascular system

3- Neurology system

4- Respiratory system

5- Urinary system

6 systems of the human body

So added to the 5 the skeletal systems to this main list

What are 10 organs in the human body?

the most important ones

- Brain

- Eyes

- Ear

- Nose

- Lungs

- Heart

- Stomach

- Small intestine

- Large intestine

- Liver

- Urinary bladder

- Genital organs

- Kidneys

- Skin

and the skin is considered the larget organ of the body

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