liquid nitrogen cryotherapy for warts: skin cryotherapy side

effects . Cryotherapy definition: It is one of the dermatological

techniques used by the dermatologist to can treat or remove some skin

lesions by an application of cold. The most usage of crytherapy is for warts

and skin tags

Why cryotherapy: less cost and more effectiveness- cryosurgery benefits


2-cheap and economic (low cost)

3-can done without anesthesia

3-no bleeding

5-helpful in malignant skin lesions

Sometimes it may take little long time

While using the cryotherapy the cell comes from the liquid form to solid form

to be then removed .

the substances used in the cryotherapy called cryogen:

1-liquid nitrogen

2-carbon dioxide

3-nitrous oxide


And of course the best cheap, rapid effect is liquid nitrogen

There are 2 types of cryotherapy: cryosurgery

1-spray types: it can be use for multiple skin lesions and from 15 to 30

seconds duration

2-cryoprobe: it is more deep technique but less rapid than the spray one

especially in malignant skin lesions

Cryotherapy used and has good effect on some skin problems like:

1-warts removal

2-skin horn

3-actinic keratosis

4-molluscum contagiosum


6- skin tags

cryotherapy side effects:


2-blood blister formation something like bloody vesicles

(the cryotherapy blister) and it is normal for this technique

3-infections may occurred and treated with antibiotics

4-nerve damage is the serious one

Do not use cryotherapy with these people:

1-people sensitive to cold

2-patients suffered from cold urticaria and any vascular skin lesion caused by


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