leg cellulitis

Cellulitis in children, cellulitis infection, (periorbital, orbital)

cellulitis . What is cellulitis? :Cellulitis is an acute infection of skin.

It is making bad effect on dermal and subcutaneous tissue and usually

occurs after skin damage or skin problem like cut in skin, laceration in skin

or insect bites and wound. This problem is caused as most of bacterial skin

diseases by staph aureus and streptococci. Cellulites can occur in any age in

both male and female.

Risk factors of cellulitis:

1- Diabetes mellitus

2- Hematological diseases

3- Immunocomprised patient

Symptoms of cellulitis:

1- Localized pain

2- Tenderness

3- Swelling

4- Warmth of area of lesions

5- Erythema (redness of the area)

what the cellulitis look likes?

Red, edematous plaque with tender skin

Common site of lesions:

In children:-cheek, periorbital areas, head and neck

Old age: lower limb (foot cellulitis or leg cellulitis)

Cellulitis types :

as we mentioned before that cellulitis is bacterial skin disease and can affect

all ages and more seen on leg and can be seen in any other parts of body.

cellulitis has many other types like:


Cellulitis on hands in fingers

2-ecthyma gangrenosum:

Usually on extremity then become necrotic to make ulcers

3-erysipeles (facial cellulitis):

Superficial type of cellulitis and occur on face 85% of cases on legs and other

on face, common on children in Europe countries Caused by streptococci

Symptoms :

1- Malaise

2- Chills

3- High fever

4- Pruritus

5- Burning

6- Tenderness

facial cellulitis always related to some problems:

1- Trauma

2- Tooth problems

3- Severe sinusitis

4-gangrenous cellulitis:

-rapid progressive type of cellulitis


1- Skin necrosis

2- Bacteremia

Cellulitis in children (preseptal, orbital and periorbital):

Periorbital cellulitis is  difficult to diffrentiates  from orbital cellulitis , the

early detection and diagnosis of it is so important to avoid its serious

complications. Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pneumoniae is the

most common organism cause it.

Predisposing factors:

1- Upper respiratory infection (specially with periorbital cellulitis)

2-Trauma to the eyelids  or insect bites (specially with perseptal cellulitis)

3- Sinusitis (specially with orbital cellulitis)


1- cbc (blood picture)

2- blood culture

3- computerized tomography (CT) for suspected orbital cellulitis

Complication of orbital cellulitis:

1- Corneal problems

2- Retinitis

3- Optic neuropathy

4- Intracranial problems

Treatment of cellulitis in children:

1- Intravenous antibiotics

2- Less cases need surgical treatment

treatment should be from 3 to 10 days

Treatment of cellulitis in general:

No best treatment for cellulitis and most recommendations till now is

intravenous antibiotics and oral antibiotics and other treatment

1- Rest measures:

-complete rest

-moist heat


This skin problem after treatment gives very good result if there is no

complication and if the lesion is localized

Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pneumoniae
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