leave leave your skin beauty-laser leave a scar. leave leave leave your skin

beauty to recover again by leaving the causes that make your skin bad.

skin is the mirror of your body health

what causes bad skin?
there are many causes for making your skin bad:

1- bad environment

2- exposure too much to sun

3- using hot water on your body

4- dry your skin after shower hard

5- being more time in dry air

6- chmical substances

so when you know the causes of bad skin you should avoid it to get your skin

beauty back by leaving these things

skin keeps itself smooth by:

1- natural oily substance

2- natural moisturizer inside skin

3- water inside skin

there are many skin problems make it bad skin:

1- skin eczema

2- skin xerosis

3- skin dyes

4- skin in old age

there are some technique used to treat skin problems like:

1- fillers

2- botox

3- chemical peels

4- laser

some skin problems can make scars:

1- acne

2- keloid

3- fungal infection of scalp

4- wound

laser may also leaves a scar:

1- laser for hair problems but vary from problem to problem

2- laser surgery

leave leave your skin by:

1- putting sunscreen before go work

2- putting sunscreen when go in sun

3- wearing hat

4- using moisturzers for skin

5- using vitamins naturally for skin

6- do not exhaust your skin by make up

7- treat any skin problem with your dermatologist not urself

these simple things can help keeping beauty of your skin

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