Lamictal side effects of lamictal rash-reactions-hair loss-dosage

Lamictal side effects-lamictal rash-lamictal dosage-lamictal

reactions in your body, lamictal is also called lamotrigine.

Lamictal formula:

1- Lamictal tablets:

- Lamictal 25 mg

- Lamictal 100 mg

- Lamictal 150 mg

- Lamictal 200 mg

2- Lamictal Chewable Dispersible Tablets:

- Lamictal 2 mg

- Lamictal 5 mg

- Lamictal 25 mg

3- Lamictal Orally Disintegrating Tablets:

- Lamictal 25 mg

- Lamictal 50 mg

- Lamictal 100 mg

- Lamictal 200 mg

Lamictal usage and indications:

1- Epilepsy

- Partial seizures

- Generalized seizures

2- Bipolar Disorder

Lamictal dose and dosage:

1- Patient should not exceed the dose described by your doctors

2- Follow your doctor’s instruction

3- Do not take it by yourself and take it after visiting your doctor

Lamictal dosing depends on age:

1- Age between 2 and 12 years

2- Age over 12 years

3- Age over 16 years

Lamictal side effects – side effects of lamictal:

1- Skin rashes

2- Aseptic meningitis

3- Depression as most antiepileptic drugs do

4- Hypersensitivity reactions

Lamictal rash- skin rashes of lamictal:

If your body or your son body shows skin rashes you should:

1- Do directly to your doctor or hospital

2- Stop taking drug and go at once to hospital or your doctor to get


Lamictal rash may be one of these:

1- Stevens-Johnson syndrome

2- Toxic epidermal necrolysis

3- Angioedema

Lamictal systemic manifestations:

1- Fever

2- Facial swelling

Lamictal and depression:

Most of antiepileptic drugs cause depression

Lamictal overdose:

Overdose is fatal so do not use and take more than your doctor advice

you These fatal things can be:

1- Coma

2- Decrease consciousness

3- Ataxia

4- Increased seizures

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