I’ve been getting these red bumps recently. I have pretty clear skin for the

most part, but do get occasional pimples. But recently, I’ve been getting

these red bumps!!! They’re not pimples, but they’re not as achy as cystic

acne. But what else can they be? They never turn in to a white head, but since

I pick at it (bad I know) they leave a dark discoloration :-/. And they seem to

have memory cause I get them in the same spots (or so it seems!): cheeks/

closer to the nose, chin, and sometimes jawline. Sounds like cystic right? But

again, it doesn’t hurt!!! Just a red, ugly bump

Can anyone help?


cystic acne not something you can describe in words as you should see the

dermatologist and acne may be

as it depend on how many papule , pustules , nodule you have




we consider cystic acne moderate to severe ones and so do not wait and see

your doctor to can have right treatment for this acne

and do not pick up again acne or pimples as it will make it worse and the dark

area of discoloration will appear on your face

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