Can I ask is that rash miliaria crystalline or miliaria rubra, as my kid have rash

in arms and body special on chest ,so what can I do , please help?


in summer while hot weather and high temperature , all people in world

suffer from that skin rash. it is also called heat rash. this rash can affect

babies , kids and young more than adult people but also affect adult. the

problem if we do not treat it it sometimes be big and spread in all body. sweat

rash or heat sometimes called milliaria crystalline and miliaria rubra as a

subtype of sweat rash. no big difference in the names as the treatment is the


you can treat this rash by;-

1- avoid high temperature and going in hot sun

2- do not get sweating

3- do not wear excessive clothes that may give you itching sensation with


4- do not use irritating soap in summer and use baby soap

5- use smoothing agent :cream and lotion like calmine or something contain

zinx oxide

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