acne diagnosisIs that acne needs laboratory diagnosis

In many diseases doctors always ask for some laboratory tests to can help

them to identify what is that disease like in anemia, diabetes and

hypertension but the question is acne needs any laboratory tests? And the

answer is: in most of case acne do not need laboratory tests as the available

acne treatment products what ever topical treatment or systemic is so

effective these days and the response of acne to them is very good and the

only thing that make doctor ask his or her patient to do these tests be in the

sever acne resistant to therapy and these test may be on of these:

Endocrinal tests:




For some problems: androgen secreting tumors, polycystic ovaries

Adrenal problems or tumors where excess androgen and suggesting

Elevated serum testosterone levels

As acne is skin problem related to hormonal changes

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