how to get rid of infantigo the right way, to know that you should know first the main symptoms  and causes for this skin problem

what is infantigo

One of the most common skin diseases always seen in kids and young girls

and boys and a lot of cases of these skin infections comes between age 3 and

14 as we always see in the clinic and these kids come with lesion on face

specially in hot weather in summer and with poor personal hygiene and this

common in poor country too with bad environment and these lesions can be

treated so easy and the treatment is available in the market in many product


is infantigo contagious:

yes infantigo can be contagious from child to child if there is prolonged


is infantigo herpes:

infantigo is the same name of impetigo , it is bacterial skin infection caused by

staph organism, but herpes is viral skin disease caused by virus

infantigo causes

This bacterial skin disease caused by:

  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • group A beta hemolytic streptococci
infantigo neonatorum:

This is  the first type of infantigo and have the same features like the non

infantigo in causes and factors that may play important role of it and

it is more common in infants and neonates and sometimes called infantigo

neonatorum and caused with staphylococcus aureus and so called

staphylococcal infantigo and even have the same basic treatment

Cause of infantigo neaonatorum:
  • staphylococcal aureus infections
symptoms of bullous infantigo

Lesion is like vesicle and may become bulla with turbid yellow fluid inside it

More common in neaonates and may be happen in young children too

More in face and can be seen in all places of body and the kids feels they have

itching in it and sometimes come with fever but not always

infantigo pictures:
  • boy
  • 13 years old
  • small vesicles and bulla on face
  • rupture of the bulla makeing crusted area
  • crusted area are honey like color

infantigo treatment
Treatment of bullous infantigo:

It is like the treatment of non bullous infantigo

  1. removing of any crust caused with these lesions
  2. topical antibiotics (gentamycin, mupirocin, fusidic acid)
  3. systemic antibiotic to avoid spreading of infections
infantigo care tips:

as all mothers in homes want to know what they can do when their children get this skin infection and we can conclude that in:

  • avoid sun exposure
  • do not remove it by hands
  • do not use any cream without visiting your doctor
  • avoid sport activities
  • do not get out in hot weather
  • keep rest
  • follow up your doctor instructions
  • cleaning is good in home
  • avoid prolonged contact between the kids
infantigo herpetiformis:

Impetigo herpetiformis is rare skin problem of pregnancy, it is so serious and

has risk scores and it is features:

  • Risk to mother
  • Risk to fetus
Main symptoms (infantigo herpetiformis):
  • Erythema
  • Pustules
  • Edema
  • Systemic (hypocalcaemia, metabolic problems)
Main treatment (infantigo herpetiformis):
  1. Systemic corticosteroids
  2. Multisystemic support and follow up
  • early detection can control the problems with cyclosporine
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