i think it’s whitehead, the bumps i had on my chin and one on my cheek.

somehow one of the two bump on my chin change from a bump to a flat land

but it turn brown. the other got a bit bigger. i was thinking of cleaning my

pore with those wet stuff in the store that are made to clean pore for make-up


i try to avoid chocolate and oily stuff but it doesn’t seem to help. i watch my

face usually in the morn with a dove.
anyone know what else shall i do?


no one can think what the disease it . the only one is your dermatologist as it

will save many things for you time and cost from trying things will not be


the proper diagnosis is important in treatment

it may be perioral dermatitis

may be boils

may be folliculitis

may be milia

and sure may be what yiu guess whiteheads

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