Today is my 11th day on 200 mg/day. My voice started getting hoarse after 3

dyas on it, my throat hurts all the way down to my lungs, no GI symptoms,

aching all over. Has anyone has this reaction to Doxycline. This is the first

time I’ve taken a tetracycline type antibiotic in years.

I don’t believe I’ve got the flu but maybe this medication has just run my

system down because I feel awful. I’m calling the doctor in the morning but

just wondering if others got these side effects for Doxycycline.


doxycycline as any antibiotics may cause some ache and fatigue and even

dizziness but smalls ones and do not affect any organ in your body and what

you feel is little abnormal so you have some sensitivity to it

so you doctor may chnage it for you

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