hyperhidrosis (sweety hands and feet); is skin problem with

excessive production of sweat and this problem can be localized

in one part of body or generalized and can affect both man and woman in any

age and this problem cause many problems to man or woman in work or in

home and make the one who have it suffer a lot from this problem and

emotional and psychological problems too and this be big one

Types of hyperhidrosis

1- Axillary hyperhidrosis (excess sweating under arms)

2- Palmer hyperhidrosis (palm of the hands)

3- Planter hyperhidrosis (sole of the feet)

4- Facial hyperhidrosis (on face)

Is that problem same in all patients?

No it is not as it has many variations in the same people and in the different

lands and groups

Cause of hyperhidrosis (sweety hands and feet):

There is big list of cause from primary (unknown ones) and secondary due to

other conditions and body problems and this can be as:

Some normal conditions:

1- Excess exercise

2- Hot environment

3- Obese people

4–During menopause

Due to body problems:

1- Diabetes

2- Chronic alcoholism

3- Neurological diseases

Emotional problems:

it is play an important role in this but sometimes for limit times

Treatment of hyperhidrosis (Botox and surgery)

Hyperhidrosis is skin problem have bad effect on quality of life in woman and

men and the treatment of it have many ways and every way may be good for

someone and not for the other and your doctor should choose what best for

you as his or her experience in treatment of this skin conditions as it comes

from the sebaceous gland so it is not an easy skin diseases in treatment and

the available treatment is:

General measures:

Avoid high temperature, hot weather as possible as you can, u can know how

to live with this problem

Topical treatment:

Application of aluminum salts in aqueous ethanol solutions has very good

effect on patients

Oral treatment:

Systemic agent as anticholinergic medications


Emotional skin problems:

If the problem comes from stress or emotional problems we can use

medication like diazepam

Botox intradermal injection

By block the sweat duct innervation

Should use with specialist and dermatologist and cost little much

Surgical cost treatment:

sympathectomy and from 500 upwards

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