The human body is still the mystery for all scientists and every hour there is

something new discovered for its inner parts, function and secrets. In this

topic we will show you the main parts, system and organs of the human body

in female and male to can give you simple information about the list to can

tell for your kids and for you too.

Systems of the human body:

According to many classifications there are 9 systems of our bodies

1- Digestive System:

This system related to food, digestion and water

Help us keeping life

2- Endocrine System:

This system related to hormones in our bodies

Help us in hormones functions

3- Circulatory System:

This system related to heart and blood, cardiovascular system

Help us by blood and oxygen to all parts

4- Respiratory System:

This system related to breathing and lung

Help us breathing

5- Reproductive System:

This system related to female and male genital organs

Help us in making families

6- Skeletal System:

This system related to bones and joints

Help us in movements, walking and sports

7- Lymphatic System:

This system related to lymph node

8- Urinary System:

This system related to kidney, urinary bladder and urine

Help us to get out of toxins and urine

9- Muscular System:

This system related to muscles and its functions

Help us to can be strong enough to can work

Human body parts:

1- Head and neck

2- Upper limbs (arms, elbows and hands)

3- Lower limbs (leg, foot, and thigh)

4- Abdomen (intestine, pancreas, stomach)

5- Chest (ribs, lungs)

6- Cardiovascular (heart and blood circulation)

7- Skeleton (bones and joints and ligaments)

8- Genital area (male or female)

Human body organs:
1- Head which contains:

- Brain the main part of body which control all organs

- Nerves

- Eyes give us the seeing view

- Ear helps us to listen to people

- Mouth help us eat and also speech

- Tongue speaking part and taste too

- Jaw

- Nose helping in breathing and smell

- Glands give us hormones

2- Chest which contains:

- Lungs which help us breathe

- Heart which give blood to all body

- Larynx

3- Gastrointestinal region which contains:

- Stomach the place of food

- Small intestine continue the function of stomach

- Large intestine the other digestive system

- Duodenum

- Liver one of the most important organs

4- Urinary tract area which contains:

- Urinary bladder collecting urine

- Rectum for get out of stools through anus

- Urethra to get out of urine

- Genital organs

- Kidneys help us in gain mineral and secreting urine

5- Skin which is the largest organ:

This is the mirror of our internal organs

Special human body organs and parts:

1- Blood carrying fluids and oxygen to all body

2- Lymph node

3- Bones the main organ for good body

4- Joints the ring between 2 bones

5- Neurons the main sensation parts

6- Water consider 60 % of body weight

7- Tissues which form the organs

8- Fibers

9- Cells millions in our bodies

Special human body 5 senses:

1- Touch and taste for food and other things

2- Speech to all

3- Hearing

4- Smell

5- Seeing

hope this simple information help you to know about your body

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