i have lot of pimples on my face and I want to get rid of them but they appear

and disappear I have this problem from last 10 months now my age is 24

am very worried that when I was in teen age I haven’t such problem .my face

complexion was very fair ,red and blush but due to pimples its look so dull

and unclear and ther are also so many pours on my cheeks which i don’t like I

want that my face complexion become as it was before please suggest me

some good treatment because i am very much worried about it .is it possible

that my face became smooth and spotless and without pours.


-see your dermatologist

-know what type of acne you have

-topical combined acne treatment

-systemic acne care and antibiotics

-spironolactone sometimes used in late onset acne and who get acne in more

than 25 and you are around this age

all what i mention will be supervision your dermatologist to know the dose

and how many days and mnoths will take the treatment

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