im asking for little advise on how to prevent acne and become my face

glowing healthy. i used several cream but until now my acne doesnt stop. can

you please help me on what are the things i should do and dont in preventing

acne?. what cream should be appropriate on my face..your reply & advise is

really highly appreciated.. thank you..


acne chronic inflammatory disease and need many things to can cure it

- should be examined with dermatologist to know what type of acne it is

-used topical combined acne care cream

-using systemic oral antibiotics

-isotretinoin if it is sever or nodular cystic acne

- some other measures:

1-avoid sun exposure as you can

2- no using of perfumes sometimes get allergy

3- stop make up

4- try to avoid sweating

5- wash your face gently twice daily even with water

6-  3 to 6 months should be for best result

7- donot scrub or scratch pimples

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