how to get rid of a pimple, how to get rid of a pimple overnight?

A lot of patients when comes to clinic or hospital always ask this

question about how many days I can get rid of pimples. the answer is so easy

as pimples is considered chronic diseases or problem and the word

chronic in any disease means it takes long time to be cured so when it comes

to pimples (acne) the patient should know and wait between 3 and 6 months

to have pimples free and if the patient have pimples free before that it may

happen as there is always rule and there is always something break the rule

but in most cases we have average time to see good result and pimple

depends in this treatment on 3 lines

Topical  (cream or gel) combined therapy:

use 2 types of topical treatment (acne cream

or gel) to have the most effective result in less time

and there are many creams and gels in the market like

-retin a


-benzoyl peroxide


Systemic therapy:

uses of tablets to give combination between it and the topical treatment with

super effect on pimples like :



Maintainence therapy:

the period just after the good result to be sure that the problem will not back

again So the patient should wait and do not change his or her dermatologist

so fast and try to follow doctor instruction to have good result .

and so nothing called you can get rid of pimples (acne ) in just one day or

night , you should be patient to see good result for your healthy skin

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