i used duac in the passed and it was amazing but its been awhile since i have

had a bad breakout like this.. so.. i got back on yaz and duac and my skin

seems like it isnt tolerating it as much as it did back then.. very dry and

itchy.. so i got a moisturizer (purpose) it seems like a great moisterizer.. i am

just scared it will counteract or something..ya know? i am aware that this

medicine is supposed to dry my skin out but is it going to be bad in the long

run or am i doing the right thing???


duac is one of acne treatment used by dermatologist and this composed of

clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide  and as every acne topical gel or cream it

will take less than 1 month and then you will see some effect if not you should

visist your doctor to see if there is a need to change it to another products as

some people give good respond to some products and nothing for other


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