how do you get scarlet fever? alot of person always think when they get fever or rash it may be scarlet fever specially with their kids

as they are worried about them and they should care about their children and this right, and not all rash or fever is scarlet fever

How can one get scarlet fever?

By direct contact from person to person specially in children

Respiratory droplet infections (like sneezing or coughing)

In crowded area like in schools between children

Through contaminated foods

Scarlet fever causes:

It is produced by streptococcal and erythrogenic toxins, these are responsible for the rash appear and other manifestations and symptoms of the diseases. It is considered as one of the common skin children problems, in the past there was very worried about that disease and now it can be less worrying about its dangerous symptoms.

Most cases can happen after tonsillitis, pharyngitis and sometimes after surgery

It can be through contaminated food like happen in many countries between children’s in schools

Scarlet fever contagious:

Yes it is contagious bacterial disease that can spread from person to others through droplet infections when kid sneeze or cough the droplet infection through nose, mouth or throat spread the infection to other kids like what always happen in schools, so it is consider contagious disease

When scarlet fever can happen?

In cold weather, climates like in winter and beginning of spring

Scarlet fever incubation period:

The incubation period of scarlet fever is 2 -4 days

Scarlet fever symptoms:

Many symptoms you can see in scarlet fever

It begin with pharyngitis, skin rashes, fever, vomiting, headache and abdominal pain and also they may cause lymphadenopathy in some cases

Swollen glands of neck

Rashes sometimes itchy

Loss of appetite

Peels of tips of fingers and toes

White tongue with red spots

Red face

Scarlet fever signs:

One of the main signs you can see is the oral cavity problems like yellowish white coat on the tongue covering it, with red color and this can be seen easy and called strawberry tongue

The rash of scarlet fever you can see on face, neck and this rash then spread in the 2 days to reach the legs and arms and also affect chest and back

On the bend of elbow and skin folds you see red lines, it is called pastia sign and after healing it sometimes being pigmented (dark line) in color

The rash begin from spread face to chest and hands

When these things appear?

It appears after 2 days when kid is infected

You can see like red or flushed face in your child (ill flushed face)

Desquamation of skin happen (it is peeling of skin ) and this peels can last for 4 weeks or 8 weeks before skin can back to normal

How you can know or diagnose scarlet fever?

Only your doctor (dermatologist) can diagnose it by seeing the throat and may have culture from it to know the type of bacteria (swab from the throat) and from the red rash appear on skin and the coated and red tongue is so special marks for scarlet fever

Treating scarlet fever:

It can be treated by antibiotics like penicillin or erythromycin

Penicillin 250 mg PO qid for 10 days

Eryth­romycin 250 mg PO qid for 10 days in penicillin-allergic patients

Ati pyretic (syrup for fever)

Antihistaminic for itchy rashes

Bed rest is important

Children should not go school to avoid spread of infection between them

If treated?

The infection will not spread and can controlled in 48 hours

Untreated scarlet fever:

The infection can be spread for 15 to 21 days and can also last for more than month and this can lead to some complications

Home remedies for scarlet fever:

There are many tips for home like:

Bed rest is important

Avoid prolonged contact with infected persons

Follow your doctor instructions

Fluid is important for your kid

Clean all home and baby clothes and hands

Don’t share foods

Do not share drinks

Trim kids fingers nails

How many days we need to treat scarlet fever?

We need from 10 days to 15 days to can have good result

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