Herpes types-herpes simplex type 1-2 virus

herpes simplex is one the viral skin diseases caused by herpes virus which is

considered dna virus and cab genital and non genital infection.

Herpes types

there is many types of herpes infections of skin and the most common ones


1- herpes simplex type 1

2- herpes simplex type 2

who can be affect by herpes?

1- worldwide (all countries)

2- all ages

3- men and women

herpes simplex type 1:

1- most common in children

2- mostly non sexual transmitted

3- can cause genital with college students

herpes simplex type 2

1- more common after puberty

2- sexual transmitted disease

3- infection of the genital area

herpes infection sites:

1- lip and mouth

2- eyes

3- fingers

4- conjunctivitis

5- beard in men

6- genital area

people with special case:

1- pregnant women (need special care)

2- neonates (need special care)

how people get herpes:

1- direct skin contact

2- genital herpes contact

3- saliva secretion (fluid from mouth)

Main lines of herpes treatment:

1- history

2- clinical signs

3- diagnosis

4- treatment

early detection of herpes is important for effective and good treatment

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