hidradenitisHidradenitis suppurativa groin-armpit-axillary-pictures-surgery

treatment. (apocrinitis, acne inverse) is considered a chronic skin

problem of

apocrine glands in axilla and anogenital region. It is considered also

follicular skin problem like in bacterial skin disease. It may have some

symptoms like acne with its nodule

Sites of lesions:


hidradenitis suppurativa in axilla is the most common place that we

see this lesion .

2- Groin:

hidradenitis in groin region is the second common place of lesions .

Causes and incidence:

- Unknown cause.

-apocrine gland obstruction

-bacterial infection

-other apocrine gland problems

-may be hormonal changes problem

-may be genetic

-refer to some problems with obesity and smoking

-affect both male and female and higher in women

Symptoms of hidradenitis suppurativa

-multiple abscesses

-acne like lesion

-severe cystic acne


-nodules in some cases

hidradenitis suppurativa


-with dermatologist

-culture from the lesion

Cure of hidradenitis suppurativa

-avoid thing that may make it worse like: heat, sweating, gain weight

-oral and topical antibiotics in simple cases

-isotretinoin if dealing with it like acne (severe cystic and nodular type)

Hidradenitis suppurativa and diet:

- you can go on diet for losing some weight to make the problem less

Hidradenitis suppurativa surgery:

-abscesses drainage (open it with surgery to remove what inside)

-plastic surgery in some cases

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