I am 26 and never had an acne problem until 2 years ago when I moved 2

hours from my home town from soft water to really hard water. The

transition was devistating on my once perfect skin. I tried pro-active and just

about every other over the counter scrubs. My husband and I ended up

buying an $8,000 water softener which was absolutely amazing. About a

year later I started getting these red patches where my sinuses are and my

pores doubled in size in that area almost over night (I think this MAY

because of my horrible sinuses which will be fixed in about a month after my

surgery) but I also have these tiny red bumps allll over my cheeks and only

my cheeks, they are not fluid filled and no matter how clean and exfoliated I

keep my skin they do not go away and I am getting really upset and self

conscious about it. I try covering them and I can cover the color but you can

still see a lot of tiny bumps…I can’t wear makeup too long with them either

because my right cheek loves to get a huge sore pimple on it whenever I try

to put makeup on. I do not have oily skin, I eat healthy, I can’t seem to figure

out what this can be or how to help it.

After my surgery next month, if this doesn’t clear up I need to see a

dermatologist but for now what can I do? I think it is caused by my horribly

inflamed sinuses pushing bacteria up through my pores, but I have no clue

since this is all new to me.

Any advice is welcomed! I will try pretty much anything to go back to how I

was 2 years ago before I moved.


sometimes facing problem is difficult but all you have may be acne may be

something else like ;

folliculitis, boils ,pseudofolliculitis,acneform eruption

so if it is acne

-do not cover it with make up as it is so ba dchoice as will make it worse

- avoid sweating

-avoid sunexposure

-try to visit dermatologist soon to know the right diagnosis  for proper


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