toddler rashHeat rash: sweat rash, baby heat rash, toddler heat rash miliaria

crystallina is  a common skin problem that occurred after

prolonged exposure to hot environment like in tropic areas and in summer

with variation from someone to another and more common in infants (kids)

due to obstruction of sweat ducts (related to sweat glands)

Sweat definition:

sweating or sweat is the fluid that produced by the sweat glands of the skin

which  comes from the eccrine sweat glands. it is hypotonic skin surface

sweat which play an important role in regulation of the body temperature.

sweat glands respond to cholinergic agents.


what makes sweat to be produced:

1- stimulation of sweat by cholinergic agent

2- stress

3- emotional

4- spicy food

5- sport activities (biking, playing football, playing soccer,running and etc)

composition of sweat

1- ph of 4 -6

2- Na, Cl

3- K

4- lactate

5- Amino acids

6- Urea

7- amonia

places with limit sweating;

1- palms

2- soles

diseases may related to sweating:

1- heat rash, sweat rash

2- hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating from palms and axilla)

3- anhidrosis (absence of sweating)

which is called sweaty feet and sweaty hand problems

Functions of sweat:

sweat is good for body and have an  important role in:

1- regulate body temperature

2- cooling the skin

Types of sweat rash (heat rash):

1- Miliaria crystallina

2- Miliaria rubra

3- Miliaria profunda

places in body can have heat rash

heat rash or sweat rash can appear in:

1- all body

2- heat rash groin area

3- heat rash between legs

What the heat rash look like:

Appear as tiny small thin vesicles like in the photo

toddler heat rash pictures:

- 1 years old

- small red vesicles

- on arm

- burning sensation

toddler heat rash

What is the bad effect of sweat rash (heat rash)?

1- may cause secondary infection

2- affect temperature regulation

what is heat rash symptoms:

heat rash appear as tiny small vesicles and can be:

1- itching

2- burning sensation

3- increase pruritis after exposure to hot weather

is that adult can get heat rash?

yes adult also can have heat rash and this problem is the same like in babies,

and the symptoms is the same and may if there is severe itching may cause

little bleeding of the site of lesions but in so little people.

Treatment of  heat rash (sweat rash):

1- avoid high hot temperature and further sweating

2- avoid wear excessive clothes, excessive irritant using of soap

3- using smoothing agent like calamine lotion with calm cream for babies ,

infants and kids which give a good effect and result

4- in toddler or baby using cool bath is so good for toddler to feel relief

5- in adult we may use anti-histamine if there is severe itching

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