25 yr old male and have a skin problem that flares up constantly. Just when I

think my skin is about to clear, it flares back up.

The worst effected areas are around my jaw line where the ear meets kneck

/jaw, and also around my mouth and below bottom lip.
They are pimples, red and eventually turning white. I have tried every thing

to clear them.

I eat very healthy, regulary exercise, almost daily workouts.
I try to cleanse with exfoliant and a tea tree oil as my skin is oily from time to

time. I don’t excessively clean. I exfoliate two or 3 times a week, and wash

twice a day.

Why have I got acne!!!???


sometimes you do not know why you have it and when you will have it but you should see your dermatologist first to be sure it is acne as when you mention something about problem as your age 25 and this not common with acne and it may not be acne it may be something like


-pseudofolliculitis barbe

-acne form eruption

and other things identical to acne

if you you know it well with your doctor

you will get good treatment

and this problem you try to use some products can not solve the problem as acne need some basics like we said you can using

topical acne crea (combined type)

systemic therapy (antibiotics for acne like doxycycline)

and sometimes we see if we can use isotretinoin

so the diagnosis is important and you can not do it your self

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