causes of hair loss or causes of hair falling in women, men and kids, when we

begin talk about hair loss and the causes that make women

find their hair fallign

easy every day we will make simple notes on every cause you can see in

most of medical and dermatological science.

genetics and hair loss:

one of the most common causes of hair loss is the family history , if you find

your mother or family has hair falling so you may have this problem one day

anemia and hair loss:

many blood porblems and specially iron deficiency anemia is causing hair

loss in male and female and you chould check blood  HB

alopecia and hair falling;

one of the common skin disease of the scalp in most cases , it is rounded and

sometimes diffuse and affect all the scalp

hormonal disturbance in women:

sometimes women pass through hair loss when hormonal disturbance occure

especially after 35 and this happen to not all women

hair dyes and hair loss:

some dyes of your hair specially of chemical types causes hair loss cause this

chemical substance destroy the hair follicle and sometimes minimal burn of


Oral contraceptive pill and hair loss:

oral pills causes hair loss in women who has family history and if that happen

consult your doctors to can change your treatment

weight loss and hair falling:

weight loss with bad type like stop eating or taking chemical tablets to loss

weight causes loss of hair

thyroid hormones disturbance and hair loss:

any disturbance of this thyroid gland hormones even high or low causes hair

loss in male and female

chemotherapy for cancer:

when patients begin to take chemotherapy they suffer from hair loss during

their treatment as side effects of this treatment although it is important for

alot of patients

tinea capitis in kids:

it is fungal skin infections affect kids before 14 and causes hair loss in the area

affected, and it can regrowth easy after treatment

retraction alopecia:

skin problem due to wrong way of hair styles

malnutition and hair loss:

bad nutrition specially with the vitamines important for hair growth

pregnancy and hair loss:

during pregnancy and birth mother suffer from many degree of hair loss and

this can  stop when she begin to get healthy again after birth

vitamins toxicity and hair loss:

some vitamins when peoples take much and reach high doses can causes hair

loss like vitamin A

surgery and trauma and hair loss:

due to losing of huge amount of blood during surgery and trauma it can cause

hair loss

chronic renal and livr diseases:

these types of patients suffer from alot of skin problems and one of them hair


drug induced hair loss:

like heart drugs and accutane used for acne treatment

hair dryer and hair loss:

sometimes it causes dry and loss of hair when used alot and near hair

psycological problems:

also causes hair loss

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