Hi, I took Accutane Twice (hence the name) and now I have scars on my

cheeks. As I get older, it seems to only get worse. My husband and I have

discussed talking to a plastic surgeon to see if I could get microdermabrasion

or something else to help the scars. Has anyone had any luck with treatments

for scars? I am open to suggestions. I work and have a baby, so being out of

work because of the procedures is not an option. Also I am going to assume

that my health insurance will not cover the procedures, so can anyone give

me an idea of what I can expect to pay?


acne scars can be treated with the following

-chemical peels for superficial ones

-dermabrasion and microdermabrasion : same effect like peeling

-retine a as remove superficial layer help with brown layesr of skin

surgery grafting

-best one is : fillers and then laser for deep scars

cost vary may be from 100 to 200 in every time

and depend on your response

-result : very good

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