Escheria-eschericha-esherichia-escherischia-echerichia-eschericia coli

or e coli.

What is Escherichia coli?-escherichia coli definition

Escherichia coli is bacteria that are found in the Intestines:

1- Humans

2- Animals

escherichia coli in water:

yes escherichia coli can be in :

1- infected water

2- infected swimming pools

3- infected lakes

Escherichia coli strains:

there are many numbers of escherichia coli strains and family members but :

-most of Escherichia coli is harmless

- e.coli O157 is the bad type of it

Escherichia coli functions:

1- Help in digestion of food

2- Stop bad bacteria

E.coli O157:H7:

This is the bad type of ericherichia coli identified in 1975 at the U.S

When Escherichia coli discovered:

In 1885 and now there are big family of this bacteria live in intestine

How do you get infected with E.coli O157?

1- Eat infected food

2- Contact with infected animals

3- Drinking infected water

4- Contact with infected people and children

5- Swallowing swimming pool water infected with e.coli

Escherichia coli  symptoms:

1- Diarrhea (bloody)

2- Vomiting

3- Nausea

4- Inflammation

5- Abdominal pain

Usually resolve itself

E.coli O157:H7 serious symptoms:

1- Red blood cell destruction

2- Coma

3- Stroke

4- Acute renal failure

This most common in children younger than 5 years and the treatment should be in hospital with maximum care to avoid the serious symptoms

How long symptoms take?

It takes from 5 to 10 days and then gone

Escherichia coil test and diagnosis:

It is diagnosed by detecting Hemorrhagic colitis by detecting the bacterium

in the feces of an infected individual

ericherichia coil in urine culture:

In about 5 to 10 % of children infected with e.coli o157 develop urinary tract

infection and may lead to acute renal failure

what causes esherichia coli:

Escherichia coli live in intestine of healthy animals and not cause them sick,

it can be through:

1- Meat can be contaminated like in beef (especially ground beef)

2- Milk equipment

3- Consumption of sprouts

4- sewage-contaminated water

5- Cheese curds

6- Unpasteurized juice

Escherichia coli can be found in human intestine and the infection through:

1- fecal-oral

Escherichia coli prevention:

1- Avoid unpasteurized milk.

2- Cook all ground beef

3- Wash fruits and vegetables

4- Drink clean water

5- Wash hands after changing diapers

6- Wash hands of children especially with diarrhea

7- Wash hands good after using bathroom

Escherichia coli treatment:

1- It can resolved itself with no treatment with antibiotics

2- Taking pills for pain and fever if found

2- Home care

3- Nutrition care

4- Clean children

5- Food care

escherichia coli antibiotics:

escherichia coli do not get good response to antibiotics and there is no

specific treatment for it

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