erythrasma axillaIt is one of the bacterial skin diseases. It is considered chronic one and need

some skin care. It is also caused by the corynebacterium minutissimum and

it has the red in color lesion and sometimes turns red-brown spots.

Who it can affect:

-both men and women are nearly the same

-more in young adult than kids

-more in hot climates

-more in obese people

-more in humid areas

Site of the infection

-erytherasma axilla


-erytherasma groin


-no pain but may itch with some people

-red then turn brown patch (large spots)

-irregular in shape brown lesion

Disease may give misdiagnosed with erythrasma

-tinea cruris

-pityriasis versicolor if lesion in the beginning

and with dermatologist

erythrasma pictures:

in the following picture shows the dark area in the fold of axilla

- male

- 23 years old

- dark brwonish area

erythrasma axilla


-antifungal agent

-anitbiotic cream

-oral antifungal and oral antibiotics in spread old lesions

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