Ecthyma contagious-pictures-treatment

Ecthyma is considered another bacterial skin problem and one of problem

with slow healing and this disease occurs in children and in some areas at any

age depend on which area or region in this world happen in cold places in

children and in tropic areas occur at any age

Causes of ecthyma:

Almost the same causes of impetigo which caused by streptococci and

staphylococci and even similar to impetigo but deeper in the lesions and the

main factors that make the disease occur come with:

-poor hygiene


-crowded living condition

-immunocompomised problems

Symptoms  of ecthyma:

-One or more bulla and pustule on erythematous area

-comes to crusted

-irregular ulcer may be final lesion

Treatment of ecthyma:

-removing of any crusts

-systemic antibiotic

-avoid bad hygiene

-good nutrition

Healing from that skin problems is slow and may heal with scar

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