ecthyma contagiosumOne of the viral skin diseases affect found in animals. It affects goats and

sheep. It can also affect man and women by transfer infection from these

animals to them when they direct contact with animals infected with that

virus. It work from 4 to 7 days.

Who can be affected?



-farmer when deal with them


-housewives who deal with these meats



-veterinary doctors

Site of the problem:






-few solitary lesions

-red to blue papules (pimples like lesion)



-bulla (fills of fluid and may be crusted)

-may be fever


By dermatologist through:


-biopsy of the crusts and lesion



-self limited disease (will fade after 4 days)

-local antiseptics

-antibiotics oral and topical if there is secondary infection

-moist dressing


Very good with no scarring from 20 to 40 days

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