drysol side effects-ingredients-deodorant-antiperspirant-reviews-work. in this

topic we will look inside drysol as solution for hyperhidrosis and sweaty hands.

sweaty hands:

it is problem affects men and women in all ages and be more in summer

sweat problems can be in :

- sweaty hands

- sweaty palms

- sweaty axilla

- sweaty soles

- face sweat

- back sweat

- toes sweat

drysol formula :

1- Drysol Extra Strength Liquid 37.5ml and it used for :

- sweating of the palm

- sweating of the soles

- sweating under arms

2- Drysol Extra Strength Roll-On Type 35ml  and it is used for :

- the same as liquid type

3- Drysol Mild 35ml and it is used for:

- back sweat

- face sweat

- toes sweat

drysol ingredients:

it is contains aluminum chloride hexahydrate

drysol antiperspirantdrysol deodorant:

alot of peoples try to use many antiperspirant or deodorant to reduce their

sweating problem and feel like normal specially when women or men work or

making foods .

does drysol work:

drysol as many products can work for people and not work for other but , the

percent is very good as it seems work for 70-80 of people and depend on

many things like:

- the afected places of the body

- if it is mild or severe sweating

How to apply drysol:

- using it at night when going bed to avoid skin irritation

- do not use with another products

- do not using it after shaving

drysol side effects:

1- skin irritation if after shaving

2- skin irritation if with another irritating products

3- skin irritation if use overdose

4- skin irritation when used at morning

5- discomfort feeling

6- less effective in severe cases

how many time i can use drysol to stop sweating:

using drysol for 2 or 3 times untill sweating is controlled then you can use

your normal daily deodorant and antiperspirant , and you can use drysol

when it is needed or every week for once or twice.

drysol overdose:

when you use drysol to much on skin , you should seek medical advice from

your doctor and do not worry alot as it will not be big problem of

life-threatening symptoms

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