water smoothing skindry skin care: as we mention before about the most common causes of dry

skin and how these factors affect our skin like exposure to cold , bad

weather conditons, exposure to dust , chemical irritating substances, dry air

and even excess using of water , soap as it can decrease the natural oily

substances of skin . Some other comes from our work in diswashing, food

services. other comes from other diseases that caused dryness of skin like

eczema and psoriasis so what the best tips for dry skin care:

our aim is to make 2 things:

-restore normal oily substances of skin

- prevent water loss as water give us smooth healthy skin

The 10 tips for dry skin care
1- Cleansers:

using and cleaning skin from dirt , dust and even make up  is important as

first step to keep skin clean

2- Moisturizers :

this is the most important and effective one in keeping your skin smooth and

prevent dryness of skin and heal dry skin. the mositurizer for dry skin should

be heavily oil based cream or ointment, free non irritating subsatnces, with

natural component

3-  Sunscreen:

sunscreen is very important for helping avoid dry skin and keeping your

water content of skin in its normal value and so smoothing and healthy skin,

when go out to protect from UVA and use it with SPF15 or more. put it half

hour before going out.

4- Avoid hot showers:

as it removes the oily normal skin substances and the skin got to be  drier and

do not take shower more than once a day  to keep your normal oily skin

substances and instead of this use cleaning ways

5- Avoid sun exposure:

as sun causing dry skin and damage skin too with it sweating and UVA

6- Avoid bad weather conditions:

dry air , dust and cold weather as they causing dry skin

7- Stay with natural healthy food

as heakthy food give you the naural mositurizing with vitamins and with

honey too is so important

8- Treat acne:

you shoud use oily free moisturizer as acne do not like oily creams

9- Treat xerosis:

(dryness from skin disease ) you should treat it too

10-Water for healthy skin:

Drinking noraml needs of water every day for smooth and healthy skin

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