dry skin

dry skin patches -dry skin on face-dry skin on feet-dry skin on

penis-on hands-flaky scaly dry skin-babies and infants

my skin is dry why?

all of us can pass through degree of skin dryness, and this type of dryness

vary from one to another. it may be :

natural dry skin:

1- happen in winter

2- after cold water exposure

3- exposure to dry air

and there are many other causes will discuss here too.

dry skin causes :

skin is important organ that acts with its protection action

from the surrounding environment. skin is the first defense wall

against dust, dirt, infections and hot cold weather. every day skin exposed to

many elements in our life such as water, soap, gloves, chemicals, dust and

bad weather conditions.

There are many factors keep skin healthy and smooth:

1- Stratum corneum : the outer layer of skin factors as it can contain the

water neccessary for healthy skin about 70%

2- Filaggrin

3- Desquamation is another important factor to keep skin smooth and


4- Intercellular lipids which hold water and prevent water loss

if these 4 factors are damaged thus the skin will be more dry as in the following :

major causes of dry skin

1-Loss of water in the skin: this called transepidermal water loss from the

stratum corneum . as water is so important of keeping skin smooth

2- Exposure to cold causes loss of water and then dry skin

3- Exposure to dry air and wind can causes loss of water and dry skin

4- Exposure to chemicals (irritating), solvents, soap and even excess use of

water causes dry skin

5- Sun exposure for long times

6- Using hot shower leading to loss of the natural oily substances of the skin

and so on causes dry skin as it changes the normal skin conditions

when these major factors considered to be serious:

- It depends on how much you use it (normal use is not bad)

-Types of these irritating factors

Diseases that cause dry skin:


2- psoriasis

3- ichthyosis (genetic dry skin problems)

4- old age

5- atopic eczema in children


babies dry skin:

babies can have dry skin by:

- winter

- atopic eczema

- dry face after cold water exposure

dry skin patches-scaly dry skin:

dry skin can be in many forms:

- patches dry skin

- all body

- scaly dry skin

- flaky  dry skin

jobs that may cause dry skin:

1- hairdresser

2- food service worker

3- dishwashers

as these jobs can make changes in the health and nature of skin elements

food service

drugs that causes dry skin:

1-topical retinoid which is used in treatment of acne such as Retin A

sometimes called dry peeling skin as retinoid remove layer by layer of acne


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