Whenever I come home from college my acne seems to get a lot worse.

Pimples appear only one at a time while I’m at school, but I experience a lot

of breakouts. I’m much less stressed at home. I do eat more junk food when I

am home, so that may be the cause, but I don’t think that my diet change is

that drastic. I feel like even when I eat healthily (or slightly better than I do

at school) for a few weeks, it doesn’t make a difference with the outbreaks.

I feel like this is a stupid question, but does climate effect acne? I can’t think

of any other changes that might effect it between my school and home life.

Also, I’m thinking of using different acne med. I use some clean and clear

products and they typically work well for me. Are there any similar products

that you would recommend?


acne do not realted to develop in cold or humid or tropical area this rule

the problem is acne being worse in humid and hot weather because sun and it

is beams and sweating

your problem is that when you go and find your way to come back home you

make some effort and this effort give you sweating even you do nt feel much

for it and when you reach home you stop activities but your sweating

evaporate leaving some little salt on your skin giving you irritating sensation

and cause your acne to irritate and this problem is just temporary not more

than that

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