dmae creamWhat is Dmae (dimethylaminoethanol)  cream, dmae supplements

side effect, topical dmae side effects: dmae is also called another

name and it is dimethylaminoethanol. Also it is known in Europe as deanol and it is

used widely for treat some body problems in central nervous system

(problems related to brain) and now skin care

what is dmae (dimethylaminoethanol):

Dmae is simple amine base, has the similarity structure of choline. Its action

based on three major actions:

1- Acetylcholine like action

2- Anti-infalmmatory

3- Antiaging

There are 2 types of formulations:

1- Tablets (dmae supplement) for neurological usage (dmae capsules)

2- Topical (dmae cream and gel) for dermatological usage

DMAE is naturally found in fish, such as salmon

Dmae benefits on neurological system: dmae brain

1- Alzheimer’s disease

2- Treating memory lapses and improving memory as deficit happen in

normal old age

3- Play important role in treat (ADHD)

4- Treatment of cognitive disorders

dmae cream and gel benefits on skin

the dmae benefits on skin is alot and can be like :-

1- skin tightening

2- skin firming

3- natural face lift to restore the youthful appearance improve skin tone

4- skin hydration

5- reduced the appearance of lines and wrinkles and improved lip

shape and fullness if used for 16 weeks

6- give you a younger face

7- antioxidant effect  (Antioxidants protect the cell structures from free

radicaldamage, slowing the aging process and preventing the formation of

lines and wrinkles)

8- anti-inflammatory as it soothe skin, keeping it healthy)

9- has also been reported to reduce the appearance of age spots.

how to use dmae cream and dmae lotion

3% dmae gel is the best safe one to use for 1 year (12 months)

Improvement appearance of forehead lines, periorbital fine wrinkles, lip

thickness, forehead lines and peri -orbital fine wrinkles, improved lip shape

and fullness, and overall improvement in the appearance of aging skin

dmae side effects:

It is luck that most reported tell us that it has just cutaneous side effect such as:-

1- peeling

2- dryness

3- itching

4- burning

5- stinging

6- erythema

and it is all normal side effects always happen with alot of skin care products

used in cosmetic area and it is widely used and the way that dmae make all

these nice skin benefits still go under alot of clinical investigations to know

how exactly dmae do all of them.

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