Diprolene ointment, cream, 0.05%, uses, side effects, topical for skin problems used as high and most potent skin corticosteroids

many skin diseases can be treated with this potent diprolene cream or ointment as your doctor tells you and it is Betamethasone dipropionate

indications for Diprolene:

it can be used after diagnosis of the skin problems which more common with:

1- inflammation

2- hyperproliferation

3- immunologic involvement

how to use and apply Diprolene on skin lesions:

1- wash your hands before putting the cream

2- apply little amount on face and more on other parts by finger tip methods

3- leave the cream on the lesion

4- apply once or twice daily

5- follow up your doctor advise

and you can read more about corticosteroids in general

side effects of topical Diprolene creams and ointments:

1- Steroid atrophy
2- Telangiectasia
3- Striae
4- Purpura
5- Ulceration
6- Easy bruising

7- Steroid acne
8- Perioral dermatitis
9- Steroid rosacea
10- Hirsutism
11- Hyperpigmentation
12- Hypopigmentation
13- Photosensitization

And there are some other problems due to uses of corticosteroids especially with long term use of them and following up doctor advise is always a must as using corticosteroid should comes with high precautions because of their side effects when used as topical or systemic therapy

Things you should care about when use Diprolene:

1- diagnosis of skin problems

2- knowing corticosteroid potency

3- amount of using steroid

4- places you put it

5- duration and time for using steroid

6- side effects of Diprolene

Diprolene  and skin problems:

These are some of skin problems we use corticosteroids with it:

- eczema which is skin condition with red and scales on body and face

- dermatitis which means any skin inflammation like eczema

- alopecia areata which means loss of hair in circle on scalp

- psoriasis which is chronic skin problem

- vitiligo which is pigmentary skin disorder

- urticaria which means itching problem

- discoid lupus

- lichen planus

- severe hand eczema

- atopic dermatitis

Diprolene special consideration:

1- Ultra high topical steroids should not be used for longer than three weeks.

2- Low to high corticosteroid should not be used for longer than three months

3- Do not use corticosteroid by your self

4- Follow up your doctor advice

5- There are corticosteroid for face and some for hands and body

6- Use the same amount doctor tells you

Which is safe to use?

It depend on many things as some skin problems need high potency corticosteroid even with other combination for its treatment and the love potency corticosteroid can be use more times, on thin skin and of course face of the children , so always ask your doctor for which is good for your skin problem

How many times I can use Diprolene every day?

Most recommendation say once or twice daily to avoid side effects

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