differindifferin: gel, differin cream, differin acne, differin side

effects, differin reviews. differin  is one of  the most common

acne creams used in the market for treatment of acne. acne is chronic skin

problem affect all ages , specially in the age between 13 and 17 and may last

till 25 years old. acne also related to many things like:

1- inflammation

2- hormonal changes which is the most accepted theory in this disease

acne also can be in women over 40 for the same hormonal changes, acne can

be on face, on chest, on sholuders, on neck and on back. the treatment of

acne depend on many things

1- is that patient pregnant or not

2- is that patient have any body problem

3- the cost

acne creams have less side effetcs for most of patients and using of it is so safe

and the most common acne creams are:

differin (differen) adapalene

it is the second generation of retinoid, and has retinoid like actions. and in

some cases play an important role in immunity

Differin formula

1- differin 0.1% gel

2- differin 0.3% gel

how it works:

differin have the same action of retinoid on acne, it is have very good effect

on acne lesion with fast healing. use it once daily. prefered to wash your face

twice daily with non irritation soap like cetaphil lotion before putting it on

your face.

which patients can use it:

1- for people with sensitive skin (as it is less irritant) and other also can use

2- for cold climate area

3- mild to moderate acne (noninflammatory and inflammatory)

differin side effects

differin have side effects like retinoid but less in degree and these side effects

of differin are:

1- little irritations

2- less burning

3- less dry skin

differin benefits:

1- more stable gel

2- less irritations than retin a

3- anti inflammatory

4- fast action and effect

5- comedolytic

6- anticomedogenic

7- safe

it is that good use differin alone or with another cream:

most of doctors now prefered to use combined formula when treating acne ,

the most famous cream used with adapalene (differin) is benzoil peroxide

cream, that gives more fast and effective result. with also using oral antibiotic

like doxycycline as combination treatment of acne for more effectiveness

and fast solutions

what is the difference between differen 0.1% gel and 0.3% gel

differin 0.1% was first founded and has the previous benefits, but the differin

gel 0.3 % show more super effect with the same side effect , so now most

dermatologists used the formula of differin get 0.3%

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