I’m trying to figure out why all of a sudden I became depressed and the only

thing that I can think of is the 6 months of hell I went through with Accutane.

I felt myself getting a lot more depressed in the last two months of the

treatment and I have a feeling that it’s the cause of my current depression.

Does anyone else feel that way? We all know that it states in the Accutane

manual that it can cause depression, withdrawal from friends, family, and

society, potential suicide, etc…

Could it really be the Accutane to blame? I’m otherwise a completely normal,

happy, and successful person. Or I should say I “used” to be all that until just

recently finishing Accutane.


any drug with long period of used can cause depression

any drug for heart disease and neuro system

and accutane can do it too for some people not all

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