Skin manifestations of diabetes mellitus

Skin is the most biggest organ and considered to be the mirror of the body problems and one of them is diabetes mellitus which is chronic hyperglycemic problem may be type 1 in young people

and type 2 most common in obesity and it is world wide disease and this patient also suffer from many cutaneous problems or skin manifestation and we can list some of these problems as the follow

Vascular problems:


-bullous eruption

-reysipelas like erythema

-necobiosis lipoidica

-vascular insufficiency

Infection problems:



- tinea pedis

Neurological problems


Other skin disorders in diabetes mellitus

-granuloma annulare



-acanthosis nigricans

-sweating disorders

-yellow nails

-yellowish skin

-Insulin reactions: urticaria

And the first line of treatment of skin disorders related to diabetes mellitus is the control of diabetes mellitus as first choice and then treatment the skin and cutaneous manifestations of diabetes mellitus as the secrets of treatment here related to good control and prevention.

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