dermoscopyThe skin is the most affected organ by cancer. Melanoma and non-melanoma

skin cancers is the most skin cancer terms available now .melanoma can

cause death, so the early detection of it is so important to can avoid the

risk .One of the most common diagnosis technique is by dermoscopy.

The new device that help dermatologists to determine and in diagnosis of

some malignant skin lesion and pigmented skin lesions not normally

diagnosed by the naked eye.

It is the digital system that used specially in diagnosis of cutaneous malignant


Components of a dermoscopy

1-Achromatic lens

2-Inbuilt illuminating system

3-Power supply

It can be one of 3:



3-videodermatoscope which include video system

Dermoscopy show us the color, degree, and the distribution of the color of

the pigmented skin lesions specially melanin.

The criteria of the lesions by dermoscopy can be primary or secondary ones

Primary criteria:

1-the pigment system of the lesions

2-pseudo pigment system in benign lesions

3-radial streaming

4-pigmented globules

Secondary criteria

1-blue white

2-blue gray

3-pigmented dots


Other criteria:

1-comedo like

2-red black

3-milia like

So the detection of melanoma with dermoscopy can give good prognosis.

Skin problems may be also diagnosed by dermoscopy:

1-actinic keratosis

2-lichen planus-like keratosis

3-dysplastic nevi



6-Darier’s disease

7-cicatricial alopecia

8-seborrheic keratosis

9-urticarial vasculitis

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