alot of people ask what is the difference between dermis and epidermis and

what things can be in dermis and not in epidermis of our skin

skin as we know is the largest organ of our body and protect us from heat ,

cold and infections (bacterial, viral and fungal) whatever our skin can be

infected too with many skin problems but it will be our first defence against

diseases, so when we want to talk about skin not just one layer but we should

know how these layers work together to save and give us the beauty we see

and the skin we have and skin has 3 layes, epidermis the outer layer, dermis

the layer beneath epidermis and the last one is hypodermis or subcutaneous

fat which be the last layer in the end of our skin structure

we will talk about the main difference between dermis and epidermis of skin

and things can anyone look for it and know it in simple way and as simple

information for family health

thinckness of the layers:

epidermis is less thick and almost 0.2 mm and this is too small

dermis is more thick than epidermis and can be 15 time-30 times thick  of epidermis and so we can see the big difference in thickness

where the location of layers:

epidermis is the first and outer layer of skin structure and you can see it by your eye and see hair on it

dermis is the layer under or beneath epidermis (the second layer of skin ) and you cannot see it by eyes

how many layers of both:

epidermis divided into 4 main layers

dermis divided into 3 main layers

melanin and melanocytes:

epidermis have almost 5% of its cell as melanocytes and these cell produce something called melanin which is responsible for the color of skin and alson the hair of our skin and this substance is so important for our body and skin as it protect skin from UV rays (the bad ones) which may causes many skin problems like hyperpigmentation (permenant or temporary)

dermis donot contain these cell in its structure

cell components:

epidermis dose not contain blood vessels and glands

dermis has blood vessels and nerve endings

dead cells:

epidermis we can see on it dead cell

dermis do not have dead cells

collagen fibers:

epidermis contain no collagen fibers

dermis contains alot of collagen fibers

and these are the most known difference between dermis and epidermis and you should know that cells of epidermis can renew every 30-60 days and the dead cells on epidermis replaced by new ones and both of dermis and epidermis can share in the process of thermo-regulation of skin and protect skin and also skin sensations

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