Skin and cutaneous manifestations of tumors A lot of tumors have been showed in medicine and also tumor still as myth and the treatment is available and many skin reactions to these malignancy appear on skin and the cause of this skin disorders in body tumors still in most of cases unknown and these problems can be treated easy but the problems will be the recurrent of these skin conditions still be the problem and the list of these skin reaction as follow:

Most common tumors of body associated with skin problems:

-gastric carcinoma (cancer of stomach)

-colon cancer



-lung cancer


-chest cancer

-prostate cancer


The most common skin problems appear is:

-acanthosis nigricans

-acquired ichthyosis




-necrolytic migratory erythema

-herpes zoster



-pyoderma gangrenosum

-sweet syndrome

And we can mange and treat these skin problems and still the control of tumor is the first choice for doctors

so if you have something skin serious condition follow you dermatologist for all he ask from you to do for healthy skin

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