chickenpoxchicken pox contagious, incubation period virus, chickenpox in adults symptoms-pictures-vaccine shot

chickenpx virus is one of the most common viral skin problems that can be

seen in hospitals and clinic and it can be more in school times.

chickenpox virus (varicella) structure:

chickenpox virus structure is double stranded DNA virus containg herpes (chickenpox

virus is member of herpes virus family)

who can be affected by chicken pox?
chickenpox in children (babies)

1- children under age 10

2- both boys and girls

3- most places are schools

chickenpox in adults

1- can be in both men and women

2- more serious when affect adult

3- can go through varicella pneumonia where is cough and dyspnea

causes of chickenpox (how do you get chicken pox):

1- varicella zoster virus

2- throuhg respiratory droplets infections

is that chicken pox contagious?

chicken pox is highly contagious skin problem specially in kids in school

when one kid has it , it spread so fast and easy when kids plays together and

have contact as they always be together and if there is no early detection in


chicken pox incubation period

from 10 days to 21 days . after the child get the infection through droplet

ones from nasal infected persons

chicken pox symptoms

1- general manifestations (fever, malaise and headache)

2- rash spread so fast

3- itching

chicken pox rash

this is the most characteristic sign of the skin problem and it is spread fast

through the first 5 days of infection and it look like:

1- be in groups

2- all body

3- macules then  papules

4- vesicles

5- mostly superficial

6- surrounded by erythematous area (red area)

always when mother see just little vesicles (something filled with fluid) on her

child and then after 2 days the vesicles spread all over the body

chicken pox photos

chicken pox

chickenpox complications

1- secondary bacterial infection make more spread of the disease

2- pneumonia

3- keratitis

4- reye syndrome

similar diseases like checkenpox

1- herpes

2- impetigo

3- insect bites

the dermatologist also know the difference

chickenpox treatment:

1- bed rest

2- daily warm bath to avoid itching

3- calm lotions

4- antihitamines to prevent itching

5- antibiotics for secondary infection

6- antiviral therapy if given early under supervision of dermatologist

7- varicella (chickenpox vaccine) show good effect

chicken pox twice (can you get chicken pox more than once):

the more is just once , but always there is exceptions and can be twice and

may be the first diagnosis was wrong one

chickenpox and pregnancy

chickenpox can affect pregnant woman  and if be 21 days prior to delivery

and the outcome can be risk in infant. if just 5 days will be mild as the onset

will be in child when he or she little old days

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