Cephalexin antibiotic side effects, cephalexin 250, 500 mg dose for urinarycephalexin 500mg

tract infections and skin.

Cephalexin formula:

There are many formulas available in the market:

1- Cephalexin injection vial 500mg or 1g

2- Cephalexin tablets 250mg, 500mg, and 1g

3- Cephalexin capsules 250mg, 500mg

4- Cephalexin syrup

cephalexin 500mg

Cephalexin uses- Cephalexin indications:

A- Cephalexin injection:

1- Cephalexin for urinary tract infection:UTI

- Pyelitis

- Cystopyelitis

- Prostatitis

- Acute and chronic pyelonephritis

2- Cephalexin for surgery:

- Pre and post operative treatment

3- Cephalexin for sinusitis

4- Cephalexin infected wounds

5- Cephalexin for skin:

- Pyodermitis

- Furunculosis

- infected eczema

B- Cephalexin tablets: pills

1- Cephalexin for respiratory tract infections:

- Acute and chronic bronchitis

2- Cephalexin for ear and nose:

- Otitis media

- Sinusitis

- Tonsillitis

3- Cephalexin for skin infections

Cephalexin dosage:

Under your doctor supervision and consideration to renal impairment as

there are many demands for adults , children and old age

Cephalexin contraindication:

Hypersensitivity to cephalexin

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