Is it possible for comedogenic products to alter skin chemistry and therefore

cause acne? Or is this at least possible in teens whose hormones already mean

that it’s easier to disturb the balance of their skin?

I ask this because until my skin broke out, for about two years I always used

gradual self-tanners (I was snow white) and some of them were terribly

perfumed and heavy. They never caused issues, but suddenly my face broke

out and never got better. I even wondered if it was an allergic reaction, but I

was told this isn’t possible because I would’ve had the reaction two years

earlier when I began using such products.

So… can pore-clogging or heavily-chemical-based products cause an acne

condition? Or was my acne pure coincidence?


acne is not cause just by hormonal changes

it can be happen by many forms at any age like

mechanical acne

occupational acne

acne steroid by corticosteroid drugs

so you should visit your dermatologist to know it is from products you use or

it is the ordinary type of acne

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