My son is now 14 yrs old…He tried to shave using an electric razor and ever

since then he has had Breakouts in taht area of his face. I feel bad becasue I

think its ingrown hairs from the razor I BOUGHT him. Its been a few months

now and they dont go away, I took him to the doctors and she said use

regular razor and gave him acne creams..BUT nothing works..

How can he still shave with these brakouts and what can make this go away?


this sometimes acne and ou see it when it happen by shaving and may be just

some folliculitis but as doctors give you acne ream they found it is acne

and so all you need to

-do not sahve untill you see hair long enough

-use it slowly

-using any cream for shaving but not irritating

-avoid sweating and sun exposure as you can

- use the full course of acne treatment

-shaving will be every month

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