I am a 31 year old female. Since I was about 18, I have been getting boils on

my chin. I often have to go to my doctor to get antibiotics as they take ages

to go – and I get impatient and squeeze them. He gives me flucoxicillin (oral)

and fusidic acid (topical). But they don’t go away any quicker than if I take


I haven’t had much help from my doc otherwise. One said I might have staph.

auerus (sp?) living in my chin/pores. Another said they get bad is because I

squeeze them (but I wait til they go all squishy before I squeeze – not when

they’re hard. I usually try to leave well alone but after a week of it, I give in).

I asked about the stuff you put up your nose, but he said it wouldn’t work as I

only get them on my chin, so it can’t be due to staph up my nose.

I don’t get boils anywhere else, ever. These boils often start as something that

looks a bit like a blackhead, but it is more raised. If I squeeze these things,

they often come up as boils a week later.

The thing is, I sometimes get other blackheads (nose etc) – and when I

squeeze these, they NEVER turn into boils. So – surely it can’t be my

squeezing technique??!!

They seem to be worse when I’m stressed (another doctor said this could be

the cause).

I have never seen a dermatologist. I’m in the UK – and I assume they don’t

think it’s bad enough to refer.

Any advice, or anyone have this problem? I’d be grateful for your feedback.

It’s really getting me down. Many thanks.


there is some bactrial skin diseases like folliculitis caused this  related to

something called

staph infection and this is easy to be treated

-topical antibiotic

-systemic antibiotics for staph just it

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