well i am not a stranger to acne, but i have gotten these big red bumps on my

jawline. they look and feel like pimples, but they wont go away. i’ve tried acne

creams and anitbacterial soaps. sometimes these bumps itch. these bumps

are smaller in the mornings. i have no idea what they are ..but i want them

GONE!!! they started showing up around August and have not gone away

since i’ve gotten them. if anyone knows what this is

pppplllllleeeeeaaaaassssseeee let me know. and hopefully i can get rid of it.


in my opinion you should try systemic antibiotics as it is more effective than

the topical treatment and sometimes there is folliculitis some types called

pseudo folliculitis and oral antibiotics help nice in that things

sure undersupervision of your dermatologist

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