daily skin care tipsDaily skin care tips : Skin is the protective organ against bad dust

and dirt from the surrounding environment and other infections.

The best thing to keep your skin healthy is

by the using of skin care tips to protect skin from being got hurt from

surrounding elements

The most common daily skin care tips
First tip

Using shower with warm water for just 10 minutes or less as this time can

keep your normal oily skin and so keep your skin smooth.

Second tip

Do not use hot water as it will make your skin drier and do not take shower

more than once a day as it is not recommended by dermatologists.  You

can use clean ways instead of doing that more than one shower.

Third tip

Using skin cleansers like Cetaphil lotion. It is nicer on skin and can help in

case of dry skin,oily skin and even with acne problems.

Fourth tip

Instead of Cetaphil lotion use non irritating soap like Dove products or

Olay product.

Fifth tip

Using towel and do not rub the skin

Sixth tip

Using moisturizer is so important for healthy and better skin specially on

area is more dry like knee and elbow and back of hands.

daily skin care tips

Seventh tip

Avoid sun exposure when go work or out .

Eighth tip

Using sunscreen is so important for avoiding sun effect of your skin.

Preferred to use sunscreen of SPf 15 or more than 15, you can put it half hour

before go out.

Ninth tip

You can wear hat in so hot weather and avoid bad weather conditons like in

cold times and fast wind for healthy skin

Tenth tip

Use to go out before the time of 8.00 AM  is better to avoid sun exposure

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