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pregnancy and benzoyl peroxide side effects

Acne vulagaris is still the most common skin problems we see in dermatology

clinic. It is something like an ordinary disease, with the age between 13 and

17 years old Acne comes from mainly hormonal changes and this happen to

people and other people not. The acne treatment is now so good with a lot of

choices from acne creams and acne pills and the treatment is:

1- Topical (retin a, benzoyl peroxide, differin)

2- Oral (doxycyclin)

3- Accutane

The choice of treatment in acne depends on 4 things:

1- Your doctor

2- Your acne types

3- If you have another body problem

4- If you are pregnant or not

Benzoyl peroxide (benzac, panoxyl)

It is one of the important acne gel used these days in the treatment with so

good effect and fast result

Benzoyl peroxide formula:

1- Benzoyl peroxide 2.5% gel

2- Benzoyl peroxide 5% gel

3- Benzoyl peroxide 10 % gel

How it works:

Benzoyl peroxide is antimicrobial agent work to kill the P.acne (the organism

that found in the acne lesions), using it on acne lesion every day and for just

hour and then wash if there is big skin irritations

Benzoyl peroxide uses

1- Any type of acne

2- Acne resistant to antibiotics

3- Inflammatory acne lesions

Benzoyl peroxide side effects:

1- Peeling

2- Burning sensation

3- Irritations

4- Erythema

5- Itching

Benzoyl peroxide benefits:

1- Anti-inflammatory

2- Antimicrobial

3- Effective

4- Fast result

5- Anti-bacterial

Is that better to use it alone or with another cream:

It is better to use it with combination with another cream like erythromycin

in the formula called benzamycin (benzoyl peroxide 5%, erythromycin

3%).Or with clindamycin.

Benzoyl peroxide for pregnancy:

Until now it is safe but with no big clinical investigations. The rule in

pregnancy is always to be careful with use any pills or creams and the using

of it will be under supervision of your doctor and at necessary needs. So if

you do not suffer a lot you can try to live with acne with the natural acne


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