Im 16 with mild to moderate acne, my face has been clearer recently.

However, i just came back from Aruba for a family vacation and i think its

getting severe. I was told that the chlorine from swimming in the pool, the

salt water from swimming in the ocean, and the sun might help to clear my

acne some….wrong(at least it didn’t work for me). Over the vacation my face

has gotten to one of its worse points its ever been. I have little pimples on my

forehead (i’ve never had pimples on my forehead before its only been on my

cheeks and occasionally my chin) and both cheeks have little pimples as well

as ones that hurt and have white fluid in 2 or 3 and some near my chin.
While in aruba because of all the sun screen i was applying and water i was in i

did not use a face wash. I have a neutrogena sacylic acid face wash that i use

once in the morning and once before bed, thats what i am using now that im

not in the sun all day anymore…

Any suggestions on how i can stop it before it gets any worse/make it go



sometimes who has acne may be liable to develop acne in any place in her

body as you have it before and as you ask there are many things you do may

make as if it is really acne not just some folliculitis

- you be in sun alot

-you have sure sweating

-you used alot of sunscreen on places may be liable to develop acne

-pools may contain dirt or not clean from other peoples using many products

on their bodies

so all you need to do

-wash your face with mild non soap cleanser twice day or using just water

- usign combined benzoyl peroxide with erythromycine cream

-using antibiotic for acne like vibramycine

this can be help on supervision of your dermatologist

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